Baylor Math Stories: Chloe Povey-Rowe and Victoria Agbeibor

May 24, 2024

Meet Chloe Povey-Rowe and Victoria Agbeibor, two Baylor mathematics seniors. As their undergraduate academic journey comes to a close, they reflect on their time here at Baylor.

Chloe's journey from neuroscience to mathematics reflects her passion for problem-solving and proving ideas, while Victoria's gratitude for scholarships and mentorship has fueled her pursuit of medical computational research. Both exemplify the department's commitment to excellence and opportunity.


Chloe Povey-Rowe

Chloe Povey-Rowe Headshot.jpeg

Growing up, I was never good at math. I couldn't see the point of doing what a calculator could do with ease—until I realized that math is so much more than that. As a freshman, I began as a neuroscience major, but halfway through my first semester, I discovered that I wasn’t interested in spending four years memorizing facts. Instead, I wanted to solve problems. I took my first math class the following semester—and loved it! I fell in love with the feeling of intricate concepts clicking and the dopamine hit you get when you solve a problem. It wasn’t long before I changed my major to math, where I felt immediately at home. After about a year, I began to wonder what a career in math might look like, particularly one in research. The idea of solving problems and proving ideas that nobody else had ever before intrigued me. I was determined to explore this path, and thanks to the math department, I was able to do just that!

I am especially grateful to Dr. Barnes-Gonzalez, who volunteered as my research advisor over the past semester. She met with me weekly, providing the guidance necessary to allow me to dive into a research project and explore brand-new fields in a completely new way. Currently, we are working with non-associative algebra, focusing specifically on Moufang loops, with the objective of constructing a generalized structure for the octonion loop.

This fall, I will be applying to PhD programs, in the hopes of making math into a career. I have loved every one of the math classes I have taken, and having the opportunity to partake in undergraduate research has only fueled my excitement to pursue math!


Victoria Agbeibor 

Victoria Agbeibor Headshot.jpeg

Reflecting on my time at Baylor in the Mathematics Department, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The generous scholarships I received from the Jerry Johnson and K.L. and Vivian Carter funds allowed me to fully immerse myself in my undergraduate education and pursue my passion for mathematics. This support enabled me to double major in Mathematics and Business Fellows while completing premedical coursework and earning certificates in Medical Spanish and Global Engagement.

Giving back to the department by working as a supplemental instructor and grader was a rewarding experience. It was a privilege to collaborate closely with remarkable professors like Dr. Hagelstein and Dr. Hunziker. I am deeply appreciative of the guidance and instruction I received from Dr. Davis and Dr. Henderson, who exemplified the patience, dedication, and commitment that distinguish Baylor professors. I am especially grateful for the gracious mentorship of Dr. Mitrea, who believed in me and played a crucial role in helping me achieve some of my greatest successes.

My solid mathematical foundation opened doors to incredible opportunities, including a research internship at Harvard Medical School’s Summer Institute in Biomedical Informatics and an invitation to join the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. As I pursue a medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine in July, I look forward to leveraging the mathematical and analytical skills I have developed to conduct computational research in the world of health, medicine, and AI. Once again, I am profoundly grateful to Baylor’s generous donors and alumni who have made this journey possible for me and so many others. Hear more from Victoria here: