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Why Study Math at Baylor?

The Department of Mathematics has much to offer to both students and prospective faculty. With excellent facilities housed in the centrally located Sid Richardson building, the department has a faculty and staff dedicated to helping our students.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers a broadly based curriculum that includes a variety of mathematical areas, both traditional and contemporary. With a strong commitment to quality undergraduate education and research, we seek to develop individuals who can enjoy productive careers in business, government, industry, research and education at all levels.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The department offers research opportunities in various areas to Undergraduate students.

ALEKS Placement Exam

ALEKS is an online, artificially intelligent, assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know.

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Graduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics at Baylor University offers both a Ph.D. Degree and a Master of Science Degree with excellent research opportunities in a range of research areas in pure and applied mathematics. If you are looking for a graduate program in mathematics where class size is conducive to learning and professors are readily available, then the graduate program at Baylor University might be a good match for you.

Teaching Opportunities

After accumulating 18 graduate credit hours, graduate students with assistantships usually teach one undergraduate course, such as pre-calculus, per semester. In addition, faculty teaching mentors are utilized to help develop effective teaching pedagogy.



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