Mobius Mathematics Society Hosted an Exciting Pi Day Event

March 20, 2023

This past Tuesday, Baylor’s Mobius Mathematics Society hosted an exciting Pi Day event, celebrating the mathematical constant π and its importance in our lives. The event featured a pie making competition, where students and faculty members were given the opportunity to showcase their baking skills and creativity in designing delicious pies. The meeting also featured Dr. Hunziker’s presentation on the significance of π, which captivated the audience with intriguing insights and stories. The event was a huge success, promoting a love of mathematics and the joy of baking among the Baylor Mathematics community.
Click here to watch the Lariat news story. (Watch the part about Mobius from 13:50 to 15:35).

Mobius PI Day Event 2 2023

Mobius PI Day Event 2023

Mobius Members PI Day 2023

Pi Day Event 2023