Baylor Math Stories: Hunter Handley

May 19, 2023
Hunter Handley

Baylor’s Math Department made me fall in love with the subject— so much so that I switched my major and hope to work on it for the rest of my career! It was a blessing to have the support of many incredible researcher advisors— such as Drs. Simanek, Herden, and Hunziker— and wonderful personal mentors— like Drs. Littlejohn and Ryden. These and more were instrumental in my successes at Baylor, including an Outstanding Honors Thesis, publications, summer research at outside universities, and more! I would not have traded this experience for anything else.

This fall, I will be attending The Ohio State University to get a PhD in Theoretical Mathematics, while aiming to grow as creative problem-solver and effective mathematical communicator. Whether this takes me into academia or industry, I know that Baylor has given me the perfect foundation to succeed later in these goals.

I would like to thank the aforementioned professors, as well as Drs. Dorina Mitrea and Marius Mitrea in their wonderful leadership and for pushing me academically. Additionally, the scholarships I received from the Beth Wilson, Bodine, and Jerry Johnson scholarship funds were invaluable to my experiences here, and I sincerely thank the donors for their continued generosity!