Mobius Math Society at Baylor Homecoming

October 26, 2022

Members of the Mobius Math Society got up early to take part in Baylor's historic Homecoming parade. Society members hope to make participation in the parade an ongoing tradition. Continue reading to hear about the experience from a few of the participants.

Vria Burrell | President of Möbius

“Fall is definitely my favorite time of year because of Homecoming! Last year was my first year participating and viewing the event and I absolutely loved every second of it. This year proved to be just as fun as many members, advisors and officers all collectively met up at 5 a.m. to participate in the parade and show the community Baylor's Math presence. As we walked, the Waco community showed immense Baylor pride and greeted us with smiles, waves and enthusiasm for our club. The best part of the experience was handing out candy to all the eager children and seeing them light up with joy. Homecoming was such a great experience, and I cannot wait for next year!”

Warren Burrus | Vice-President of Möbius

“Decorative floats. Nice cars. Cheering crowds. Free candy. There is always lots to enjoy from watching Baylor's annual Homecoming parade! But a whole other layer of the experience comes from walking in the parade itself, which I joined Möbius Mathematics Society in doing again this year. Walking with Möbius in this year's Homecoming parade was rewarding in two key ways: first, we waved and handed out candy to excited crowds cheering us on, which was both fun and encouraging for all! Second, representing Möbius in one of Baylor's largest events of the year let us spread not just our club, but also a passion for mathematics in general, to the entire Baylor community. Neither of these things could be done from the sidelines alone, and I'm glad Möbius was able to do both again this year. Altogether, walking in the parade with Möbius Mathematics Society added even more to enjoy from such an amazing event!”

Steven Cates | Advisor of Möbius

“Möbius is not just any math club, we are a Baylor math club and can participate in the largest Homecoming Parade in the nation. The members always come prepared to hand out candy to eager kids (and some adults). Even though the parade began earlier this year, the crowds were present and loud as ever. This year, a family friend lent us a fun Jeep for me to drive in the parade and the members were more strategic about handing out candy. We had more candy to hand out when we arrived on campus this year. It’s always nice to see familiar faces in the Baylor family throughout the parade.”

Christoph Fischbacher | Advisor of Mobius

“This is my first semester as a new faculty member in Baylor's Math department. Coming from Bavaria (called the "Texas of Germany" by some), I am no stranger when it comes to people and places with a strong identity

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Participating in Baylor's Homecoming Parade was a wonderful experience. I am very impressed with all the effort that students and colleagues have put in to organize this event, but it was also fantastic to see how many people from Waco were brought together to spend time as a community. My only criticism: I would have expected my fellow mathematicians to be better at calculating the ideal rate of handing out candy so it would last until the end of the Parade. But I shall not mention any names at this point... "

Madi Hsiao | Member of Möbius

Members and organizers of the Mobius Math Society pose for a photograph on the day of the 2022 Baylor Homecoming Parade.Members and organizers of the Mobius Math Society pose for a photograph on the day of the 2022 Baylor Homecoming Parade.Members and organizers of the Mobius Math Society pose for a photograph on the day of the 2022 Baylor Homecoming Parade.