Dr. Alexandra Pasi Talk: Advancing Your Career in Industry with the Art and Science of Mathematical Story-Telling

March 31, 2022

After receiving her PhD in Mathematics from Baylor University, Lexi Pasi co-founded Lucidity Sciences, a scientific and technical consulting firm that designs, builds, and implements custom analytics solutions for organizations across a variety of industries. Lucidity Sciences leverages a broad toolkit of mathematical techniques to help the modern organization harness the power of big data to provide the insight required for targeted and data-driven decision making. The firm assists in evaluating clients' data assets and proposing customized machine learning and data science approaches to optimize their value, in addition to offering advanced mathematical modeling and algorithm design consulting for clients looking to take their analytics to the next level.

Dr. Pasi returned to Baylor on March 31, 2022, to give a talk to undergraduates, grad students, and faculty about her experience of using mathematics to support industry. The abstract for her talk is included below.