Mobius Math Society at Baylor Homecoming

October 16, 2021

Members of the Mobius Math Society got up early to take part in Baylor's historic Homecoming parade. Society members hope to make participation in the parade an ongoing tradition. Continue reading to hear about the experience from a few of the participants.

Warren Burrus | Mobius Vice President

I can’t remember the last time I’ve woken up at 5 in the morning, and I also can’t remember the last time I’ve attended an in-person, full-capacity school event. Walking in Baylor’s Homecoming Parade was the first time I’ve done either of these things in a long time, but doing so with the Möbius Math Society made it especially memorable. Other organizations may have lined up with their decked-out floats or huge balloons, but Möbius had a banner, matching t-shirts, candy to hand out, a Homecoming Court nominee, a convertible, and tons of mathematical know-how - so we definitely added our own touch to the parade. Giving candy to all the little kids was great until we ran out about 5 minutes in; apparently our calculations fell short on that one. But getting to pass thousands of cheering faces enthusiastic to see a math club represented in the parade was incredibly fun—with or without the candy—as was getting to see the dozens of other amazing clubs and organizations at Baylor. Best of all, though, was the opportunity to represent Möbius (and math in general) in one of Baylor’s largest traditions ever, and make it known to as many people as possible. Chances to grow and expand have been limited for Möbius over the past year and a half—as for all organizations—but the Homecoming Parade was a turning point that has set Möbius in the right direction once again, where it can become not only as good as before, but even better. From all the fun experiences to the moment in the spotlight, this Homecoming Parade will probably go down as one Möbius will never forget, because it has certainly been one I’ll always remember.

Brian Simanek | Mobius Advisor

I was impressed by how many students (not just in Möbius) were willing to get up so early to participate. I had never seen the parade before—even as a spectator—and was really struck by its scale. Now that I know what to expect, I think we can do even more to encourage more Möbius members to participate in the future and even use it as a recruiting tool to attract new members. I was so glad I decided to participate, and I look forward to doing it again in the future.

Dylan Bonin | Mobius Treasure

Being a part of the Homecoming parade was something I’d never thought I’d do here at Baylor, but it ended up being something I’ll likely never forget. Having the opportunity to represent Möbius in front of Waco and the student body was such a great honor. I’ve personally never been in a parade before, so the experience was entirely new for me. It was awesome to see so many smiling faces, watching children joyfully collect candy, and hearing the crowd curiously read our name. I really hope it helped make our community aware that Mathematics does indeed have a presence at Baylor and that we’re trying our best as a club to grow.

Vria Burrell | Mobius President

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this is the first year I have experienced a Baylor Homecoming. Not only did I ever think I’d be a part of something so big, and tradition-filled but, I also never thought I’d be a Homecoming Nominee! It was super exciting to go through the nominee process. Through the photo shoots, reception, the extravagant display of nominees on the first night of pigskin, and dressing up glamorously, I can say it was definitely an experience I will cherish and never forget. The best part, in my opinion, was not waking up at 4am, but seeing the members, board, and advisors, come together in our Möbius shirts, and representing a math presence at Baylor. The joyous occasion concluded with little kids dressed in Baylor gear lining the streets, eagerly seeking candy. Wanting to see their little faces light up, we handed out candy, smiled and waved. This goes to show that the math kids can have fun.

Members and organizers of the Möbius Math Society pose for a photograph on the day of the 2021 Baylor Homecoming Parade.